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Does this sound like you?

“Frazzled Fran”

Who You Are and What you Need:

You’re a busy mom who juggles many roles and tasks at home. You try to spend quality time with your young children (ages 2-10). However, you often find yourself at a loss when it comes to ways to teach your children skills you know they need. You want to keep them engaged as they Learn and Build New Skills. You’re a smart and resourceful person who knows the information. However, you are not sure how to turn information into activities your child would be drawn to  and want to engage with!

What​ Your Issue is and What you need most:

You’re Looking for Ideas that are Put Together For You, so all you need to do is set it up, Engage and Learn as you Play!

“Methodical Molly”

Who You Are and What You Need:

You’re a mom who homeschools your children, and even though they are young you want to use tested methods to engage your child that have been proven to get  educational and social results using play and creativity.

Because you are not sure where to find fun, engaging activities that your child will enjoy and learn from. You are not sure how to create your own learning experience using the resources you have already in your home to let your children explore and experience.

What​ Your Issue is and What you need most:

You are looking for a place where you can bounce ideas off of other moms and educational professionals. A community where you can share and receive supportive points of view on the issues you struggle with on a daily basis. The Creative Campus is The Place For You!

What can you do about it?

Check out the Creative Classroom Membership!

The Creative Classroom Membership is for those who are involved in educating youth ages 2-10 with play activities. There are two componenets to this membership!

1. The Custom Creative Solutions Tutoring Service

  • Monthly survey that helps Theresa understand what your needs are
  • Your goals and achievement desires for the month
  • Developmental checklist
  • Custom plan for you to implement with 20 activities to help you achieve your goals by the end of the month
  • Video and Chatbot support M-F 9-3 EST
  • 1x/week check-ins for 15 minutes each
    • Use it or lose it–time does not roll over!

2. Ongoing Learning Sessions

  • Learning by doing
  • GRIT
  • Long-term projects
  • Why kids don’t play
  • Daily inspiration on inspiration and skills
  • 6-part training series
  • …and more!


The struggle is real.

When people arrive in my world, the biggest thing they struggle with is finding fun, engaging activities that children will enjoy and learn from.

You are not sure how to create learning experiences using the resources you have already in your home that will let your children explore and experience new things. You need a system that is already put together for you that creates fun and engaging activities in the areas of Science, Math, Art, Sensory Experience and Movement.

You need a program that will show you on a daily basis what activities to do with your child, how to re create them easily with little effort and no stress for you or your child. By having these activities already put together in one place, you will have more fun engaging with their child while teaching them at the same time.






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