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Welcome Creative Friends! After teaching Early Childhood Education for 14 years in many formats, I realized I wanted to help parents and child caregivers with a more personalized and customized approach. Now, here at the Creative Campus, I share program's and services that will support you in helping the kids in your life learn and build new skills with play and exploration! Who I am: They call me " The Creative Solutions Creator and Professional Mess Maker! After teaching Early Childhood Education for 14 years in many formats, I realized I wanted to help people on a more custom level. I wanted to create solutions based on who they were, and what they need. I wanted to show people how they could create Learning and Skill Building experiences centered around how their student or child learns best through play. What I am about: I show people how to use play and exploration experiences as a Learning and Skill Building Tool that will create Structure, Routine, Engagement, Responsibility,Independence and so much more. By creating experiences like these, you can give your family a sense of connection, support and feeling of calmness within their home and relationships. How I Help: Using Play, based on your child's skills, interests and needs I will teach you how to create solutions for learning, Communication, Socialization and more so your family can reconnect and work as a team to learn and build new skills as you engage in play and exploration. Every solution must be centered around our child's Interests and needs so they feel a sense of control over the experiences they have. By working with me, you will regain the power to prevent chaos in your home while increasing learning and skill-building experiences. I use monthly training themes and units to help you engage the skills you are learning. You will also get a Free Call with me. I will answer you questions and create solutions personalized for your child's needs.

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This was the best learning experience I ever had. It was done interactively and the instructors were very accommodating. I could reach the instructors and staff through chat anytime I needed. It was strict so be ready for that too.
John Doe
Backend Development Batch 2021