The Creative Classroom Membership

The Creative Classroom Membership is for parents, caregivers, nannies, in-home daycare providers, and those who are looking to teach young children through play. For $165/month, you’ll receive the Custom Creative Solutions Tutoring Service and Membership:

The Creative Solutions Tutoring Service:

  • Comprehensive survey to identify your needs
  • Custom goal and achievement creation
  • Developmental checklist
  • Customized plan for you to implement with 20 activities to help you achieve your educational goal by the end of the month
  • Video and Chatbot support M-F 9-3 EST
  • 1x/week check-ins for 15 min each. 
    • Use it or lose it–time does not roll over


  • Daily inspiration on inspiration and skills
  • 6-part training series
    • Learning by doing
    • GRIT
    • Long-term projects
    • Why kids don’t play